African Manpower

Q: Why hire a Kenyan?


Kenya is blessed with a multi-cultural heritage, making our workforce suitable within any culture or racial setting. This in turn makes it easy for staff to interact with colleagues and clients.


Kenyans are known to be hospitable, which transforms to good PR for your organization and satisfied clientele.


Kenyans are the most highly educated nationals you will ever meet the easy familiarity of English, Swahili and Arabic languages eliminates communication barriers.


Kenyans take their health seriously – a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. In addition Kenyans are known to be clean and well groomed.


Retention and Loyalty – worried about high manpower turn over? Kenyan workforce are loyal to their jobs and average 3 years per contact.

Muscle n Brains:

Kenyans are known to be very smart workers. The average Kenyan will have an extra 10- 20 hrs overtime pay. We work till there is no more work. In the end this translates to more revenue to the business.


Kenya is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most industrialized countries. Our strategic positioning attracts some of the biggest brands. This diversity ensures that the average worker is exposed to business on a global scale.


All play and no work…….... Loosen up! We have a sense of humour too.