Employers Overview

Partner with Windsor Recruitment Africa for efficient pinpoint results.
At Windsor Recruitment Africa, we do more than fill positions. As your strategic recruitment partner, we craft solutions designed to increase your productivity and profitability.

We understand the African labour market, latest economic trends and recruitment techniques – giving you a competitive advantage.

  • Save time and money by allowing us to locate and screen candidates
  • Increase productivity while reducing overtime
  • Create cultural diversity through our 7 nation recruitment process
  • Find people with skills and experience faster than you could on your own
  • Adapt to changing demands


The Demand Letter:

The employer will issue a demand letter in favour of Windsor Recruitment Africa, stating the job categories, number of employees required in each category, their monthly salary, duration of the contract and other amenities provided for workers such as food, medical cover, transportation, air passage, accommodation etc.

The Power of Attorney:

The employer will issue a letter of authority in favour of Windsor Recruitment Africa addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassies in East Africa and the respective Labour Ministries informing them that Windsor Recruitment Africa is their bonafide recruitment agent.

The Employment Contract/ Offer Letter:

This is a standard employment contract between the employer and the employee, containing the terms and conditions of engagement of service.

Recruitment Agency Role:

Search for Prospective Candidates:

Upon receipt of your requirements, our Project Manager will develop a profile identifying key details that will lead to an accurate match. In order to widen our choice, or locate persons to meet your specifications, we may also advertise in the local media as well as digital media.

Screening and Shortlisting:

All the resumes we receive are scrutinized against employer specifications with all documentation and referees thoroughly vetted.

Medical Checkups:

In order to comply with immigration requirements, we ensure that the candidates are both physically and mentally fIt for the job at hand. Examinations include a compulsory blood tests, chest x-rays, urine and stool tests in addition to any job specific medical test that the client may recommend.

Final Selection:

We offer two options for consideration. Either the entire selection procedure is within Windsor Recruitment Africa remit – a team of experts will take full responsibility of providing you the best work force as per your job specifications. You may send your recruiting team/ HR department to carry out the interviews. We shall assist the team by arranging for their accommodation, transport and any other form of support that the team may require.

Visa Assistance:

We have the expertise and experience in processing visa documents. All the shortlisted personnel get their visas and travel documents on time.


We conduct an orientation program where we familiarize the candidates with key information such as the destined country’s laws, the expected cultural differences, work culture expected, industrial practices, safety issues, labour laws and other relevant issue.


We ensure complete confidentiality of both candidate and employer information. We undertake to both protect and promote the positive image of your organization before, during and after the recruitment process.