Job Seekers

Together, we create a strategy that leverages your career goals, education, and work experience. We work with a variety of companies and industries to maximize your exposure and opportunities. Helping you achieve your career goals is Windsor Recruitment Africa priority.

It begins with an in-person meeting.

Tell our experienced recruiters about your skills, interests and goals – what you’ve liked about the places you’ve worked and what you want in your next position. Helping you find the job you want is our top priority.

Windsor Recruitment Africa can help you:

  • Improve your resume and prepare for interviews
  • Understand what employers are looking for
  • Increase your chances of getting hired
  • Build your skills and gain experience

Direct hire

As one of the most experienced staffing firms in not only Kenya, but the East and Central African region. Windsor Recruitment Africa works with a variety of companies seeking casual, project and full-time employees. We actively engage with the candidate so as to match his goals and skills sets with the right job.